Are your products good for sensitive skin?

yes! most of our products are specially designed for sensative skin and we have tested these with people who have sensative skin and ezemaover the period of a year, \our youngest member of the family who is 10 has very sensative skin plus eczema, since using our silky soap whip regulary she no longer no longer has this problem. she also uses our scrubs and bathbombs and has never has an issue. of course everyone is different and i cannot guarrentee this would be the case for everyone, this is just what we have experienced and noticed. if you typr in the search box (sensative skin) it will show you the best product for this, although most of our products are made for this skin type the ones found by searching are very carefully designed for this problem.

How long will my order take?

We aim to send your order within 7 day (although thisis usually much quicker). This may take longer if we have to make your order before sending, As a small bussines we makeeverything in small batches but we try and keep abit of everything in stock, if we have many orders for the same product we would have to make it before sending out to you. Once your items are in the postal system you should receive them in 5-7 days depending on how busy royal mail is for example the christmas period may take longer.

Aren't bath bombs just full of chemicals ?

Not entirely no, in our bath bombs only two ingredients are classed as chemicals and we only use just enough for the bath bombs to work. one of these ingredients is a foaming agent that everyone uses in daily life for example in bubble bath, hand soap and washing up liquid. the other one is also a foaming agent but also binds the bath bomb together. the rest of the ingredients we use are actually found in food that most people comsume on a reguar basis like citric acid, if you have ever had anything sour it is sour because of the citric acid, the bicarb is put in baked goods to help them rise. If we could make bath bombs completly natural we would but they are as natural as they can possibly be.

What delivery options do you offer?

For th UK we offer

2nd class

2nd class signed for

and 48hr tracked

We are in the process of adding other international shipping options in the coming  week – 29/04/22

For the US we offer economy and tracked

Economy may take between 2-12 weeks but from what we have experienced this this sometimes can take as little as a week and a half.

What is your returns policy?

We care about customer satisfaction and if an item is broken we will replace this but will request an image from you so we can see what has happened and how to combat this in the future. As we are a very small business we need to make sure any request for a refund is truly warrented. We cannot cancel an order for you once it has left our hand and in the postal system you would have to wait for it to be delivered then send it back to us then we would issue a refund.Once the products leave us we are not liable for how long they take to get to you as we have no control over the postal system.

For hygeine reasond we cannot accept the reurn of opened and used items, We only accept returns for 15 days after you have recieved the item. We will not refund for a product because of dislike only if ther is a genuine problemlike your item is broken. Refunds will go back ontoyour payment method, We do not do swaps or store credit, refunds take 5-7 days depending on your banking company.

Where do you deliver to?

Currently we deliver all across the UK and the US. we are looking into other areas of euope, so keep your eyes peeled we may deliver to your country next. 

what makes your products high quality?

We search for ingredients of high quality that actually work, we do not believe in adding ingredients just because it sounds good. We carefully pick ingredients that offer the benefits our customers needs for thier skin. A bath bomb is always fun but with our bath bombs you get butters and oils added to soothe and help your skin problems.

what is foaming bath crumble?

Foaming bath crumble has all the luxuriousness of a bath bomb in a pouch so you decide how much you want to add to your bath. Foaming bath crumble is great for when you dont have time for a full bath bomb but still want to keep to your skin care and get all the good benefits our bath bombs offer.

What is silky soap whip?

Our silky soap whip is a luxury soap whipped into a soft and fluffy texture with carefully selected butter and oil to target different skin types and issues such as acne and dry skin.

Are your products handmade?

Yes we make everything you see on our website from our home in norfolk. We are a family run business and pride ourselves on handmade products so you get the freshest of items and of the highest quality.

Do you test on animals?

We do not test on animals nor do our suppliers, the only test subjects we use are ourselves friends and family.

What makes you a sustainable company?

We hate waste and use everything we can like our packing peanuts we reuse these from parcels we recive we then resue these in your parcels which you can then reuse or melt them in water and wash them away. We try to cut our use of plastic as much as we can, we hope over time with the continued support of our customers to be completly plastic free one day. Our bath bombs are packed in natural linen bags instead of shrinkwrap, We use recycled boxes that you can then recycle youself, if you would like to know more head over to our tiktok

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