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We do our absolute best to be as sustainable as possible from our recyclable packaging down to our bath bomb bags that you can reuse at home, We love the environment and are working very hard to be 100% plastic free and with your help in supporting our small mother daughter business we will get there!

Kind to Skin

Our skincare is packed with high-quality organic ingredients to ensure our products have the maximum benefits for your skin. Our Silky Soap Whips are carefully personalised with unique recipes so you can find something that suits you, whether you need skincare that deeply hydrates and heals dry and damaged skin or simply because it smells and looks amazing!

why choose us

We make every product by hand in small batches to ensure you receive superior quality items every time you purchase. We source the highest of quality ingredients like our luxury butters and oils that go into our silky soap whip and bath bombs that target your skin type.

eco friendly

From our fluffy Silky Soap Whip to our moisturising Exfoliating Scrubs there are more natural and eco-friendly ways to add to your skincare routine.  What’s more, even the packaging they come in – from the box to the mailing bags – is 100% recyclable. we pride ourselves on reusing as much packaging as we can; the packing peanuts we get from buying our stock are saved and then used in your purchases and if you have no use for them simply dissolve them in water.  

Why did we begin Soap Fifty-Six?


Hi, I’m Debbie

                      If you made it this far down the page I’m impressed, (only now I need to write something worth reading). We started this business as a way of finding a soap that is kinder to skin as my youngest daughter always had dry and eczema prone skin, and as most soaps and lotions didn’t suit her skin we spent months perfecting our Silky Soap Whip and started testing on ourselves, then on my youngest daughter. She has used our soap for over 3 years now and has not had a problem with dry skin and eczema. We now do a variety of silky soap whips for all different skin types and all feedback has been very positive. I do hope you try our soaps for yourself; they last ages and these silky soap whips are so soft and kind to skin. We then went on to make bath bombs with as many natural ingredients as possible.

After a while, what was intended as a hobby slowly turned into a business for us, yet we are still in the early days and are trying very hard to build our customer base and we hope one day we might actually get a wage from this and be very profitable. My husband works so hard to support our family; he often works out in the cold and dark through winter and because of his job he has issues with his shoulders, back and wrists, so if we can truly get this business going he can one day join us in this . I have never had a main stream job as we decided I would raise our children and now my daughter is older and my youngest is a nice age, I hoped to go to work somewhere but I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and hyper mobility syndrome disorder so this became more difficult to do. My daughter and I are trying to build this business so I can work at my own pace. So this is why we started and a bit about us. We hope you support us and maybe you will love our soap as much as we do. If you made it this far, you deserve a little information no-one else has yet; we will be doing bubble bars and Jellylicous (jelly soap) very soon so stay tuned. 

Thank you for reading we hope to see you as a customer soon!


Please contact us if you have any queries, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can 🙂
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